Upcoming Events & Specials @ Oscars

Thursday at 11am – Steak Sandwich -only $8 All Day!
Join us at Oscar’s Pub every Thursday for our steak Sandwich special, only $8 ALL DAY!
Thursday at 7pm – Poker Thursdays
Join us at Oscar’s Pub for Texas Holdem Poker every Thursday night at 7pm. No Buy-In. Win Prizes.
Friday at 11am – Kickin’ Cajun Prawns -only .50 cents each
Join us at Oscar’s Friday for “Kickin’ Cajun Prawns” just $0.50 cents each ALL DAY LONG!
Friday at 12pm – Lingerie Lunch
Lingerie Lunch Noon – 2pm – Last Friday Of The Month – Starting February 28, 2014 – Presented By Granvile Island Brewing.
Saturday at 11am – Steak and Prawns -only $12 All Day!
Join us at Oscar’s every Saturday for $12 Steak & Prawn special All Day! Live entertainment every week at 8pm!
Saturday at 7pm – UFC172 – Jones vs Teixeira
UFC 172 – 7pm Sat. Apr. 26th Book Now!.. Get Here Early For The BEST SEATS – NO COVER CHARGE!
Sunday at 9am – NFL Sunday Ticket
Watch up to 14 action-packed NFL games every Sunday .. all in stunning HD.

Sunday Breakfast ALL DAY!
AAA Prime Rib Dinner Only $17

Sunday at 8pm – Karaoke Sundays
Karaoke at Oscar’s 8pm – 12am Sundays.

Sunday Breakfast ALL DAY!
AAA Prime Rib Dinner Only $17

Monday at 11am – 2-for-1 Appies All Day Long!
2-for-1 Appies all Day long!
Tuesday at 11am – $5 Burger & Fries
Join us at Oscar’s every Tuesday for our All Beef Burger with Fries only $5! ALL DAY!
Wednesday at 11am – Wing Day! -only .39 cents each
Join us at Oscar’s every Wednesday for Wing Day! Chicken wings are only $0.39/each ALL DAY LONG! You’ll love the size our our wings and our great selection of flavours: honey garlic, salt and pepper, dry cajun, hot, BBQ, teriyaki & spicy thai.

Also, check out our great jug features on every wing day for only $14!

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The Daily Specials


$4 Coors Lt Sleeves
$5 Coors Lt Pints
$14 Coors Lt Pitchers
$4.50 Bacardi & Coke Highballs
$5.50 DBL Bacardi & Coke Highballs
$3.50 Jager Shooters

2 for 1 Appys All Day!

Mix and match two of our tasty appetizers and only pay for one!


$4 Rickards Red Sleeves
$5 Rickards Red Pints
$14 Rickards Red Pitchers
$4.50 Tanqueray & Tonic Highballs
$5.50 DBL Tanqueray & Tonic Highballs
$3.50 Tequila Shooters

$5 Oscar’s Beef Burger w/Fries

Our Oscar’s Beef Burger served with our homemade fries.


$4 Granville Isl Lager Sleeves
$5 Granville Isl Lager Pints
$14 Granville Isl Lager Pitchers
$4.50 Oscar’s Sunrise Cocktails
$5.50 DBL Oscar’s Sunrise Cocktails
$3.50 Porn Star Shooters

$0.39 Wings (ALL DAY)

You’ll love our wings baked with our secret spices and then flash fried with your choice of sauce!


$4 Steamworks Pale Ale Sleeves
$5 Steamworks Pale Ale Pints
$14 Steamworks Pale Ale Pitchers
$4.00 Bar Highballs
$5.00 DBL Bar Highballs
$4.50 Vitamin C Shots

$8 Steak Sandwich (ALL DAY)

A 5oz sirloin steak served to your liking topped with fried onions and mushrooms and served with our homemade fries.


$4 OK Springs 1516 Sleeves
$5 OK Springs 1516 Pints
$14 OK Springs 1516 Pitchers
$4.50 Long Island Iced Teas
$5.50 DBL Long Island Iced Teas
$3.50 Burt Reynolds Shooters

$0.50 Kickin’ Cajun Prawns(ALL DAY)

Kickin’ Cajun Prawns .50 cents each! ALL DAY!


$4 Dead Frog Nut Brown Sleeves
$5 Dead Frog Nut Brown Pints
$14 Dead Frog Nut Brown Pitchers
$4.50 Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Cocktails
$5.50 DBL Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Cocktails
$4.50 Jager Bombs

$12 Steak and Prawns (ALL DAY)

An 8oz New York Steak served with pan seared prawns and a fully loaded baked potato.


$4 Granville Isl Hefeweizen Sleeves
$5 Granville Isl Hefeweizen Pints
$14 Granville Isl Hefeweizen Pitchers
$4.50 Caesars
$5.50 DBL Caesars
$3.50 China White Shots

Sunday Breakfast ALL DAY!

$17 AAA Prime Rib Dinner (3pm ’till run out)

Prime Rib Dinner with all the trimmin’s only $17

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